"Importance of water quality testing"

Today let's learn or revise a simple chemical formula which consists of two hydrogen atom plus one oxygen atom and when they bond together they form a very important molecule that is water. I've said revise because maximum of us have already forgotten the importance of this very molecule which is a synonym of "life". –

The importance of water is though very aptly highlighted by the British poet W.H Auden, "Thousands have lived without love, not one without water", human being has a tendency to not value things until they become scarce. Although the water pollution in India is a widely discussed topic for years, it's undeniable that millions of Indians suffer from waterborne diseases like typhoid, cholera and hepatitis every year. As the famous phrase goes like, "Prevention is better than cure", we should look into the root cause of these waterborne diseases to prevent them and this can only be possible if we have the availability of pure water. We often neglect to check whether the water we're using is pure and unknowingly it becomes our habit which ultimately causes these waterborne diseases. So the need of the hour is testing water to make sure that every drop we drink is pure.

Water testing is carried out to meet the regulatory requirements and adhere to the safety procedures that are needed for pollutant-free water. This is a broad concept that involves several procedures to analyze and evaluate the quality of water. Everyone who is affected by the water industry must test water sources. This could be the governmentalorganizations trying to regulate the quality of water to protect us from the health risks involved with using chlorinated water or it could be homeowners trying to ensure that the water is suitable for consumption.

Water, whether it is meant for business purposes, agriculture, domestic purposes, or is used by public Municipalitiesand private homeowners must be tested regularly in order to keep the source of water safe and free from environmental risks and potential health disorders.

Information source: Google.