merry christmas

Now, it’s time to get excited. After waiting for a prolonged time, Christmas eve is around the corner. Christmas is a time to be with the people you love. On this occasion we would like to travell to our hometown to celebrate this Christmas eve with parents, siblings, cousins, old friends, etc. For some households, it’s the only time of the year when all the family is together. The festive season is incomplete without family and friends because they always support us in our good or bad times. We celebrate Christmas to mark the birth of Jesus Christ. People decorate their houses and gardens for the Christmas period. The most famous decoration is, of course, the Christmas tree-a pine tree covered in little shiny decorations and fairy lights. On this Christmas eve people have gathered in Churches, missions, and temples to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ by singing Carols and hymns in their Native languages. In some Churches, the story of Jesus’ birth is recited in Native languages.
Santa is the symbol of kindness and service without any greed! And, Santa Claus, the name that has been given to the harbinger of happiness and joy adds the special element of innocence to our life. Santa Claus brings with itself the special message of hope, happiness, joy and merriment. What is a gift?

Santa Claus, with his big fat bag of gifts, he represents abundance and happiness. It’s way of spreading happiness and bringing about a smile on the recipient’s face. And it is our imagination that the secret Santa comes up with wonderful gifts, every year at Christmas to make people happy. But in real our elders give gifts to younger ones. So we can assume that our elders are Santa Claus for us who make us delighted by fulfilling our wishes.

Also in Christian culture, their belief is that they perceive elder member of his/her family as Santa Claus who give gifts with blessings to their younger ones. This Christmas festive mould our bonding with our love ones more deeply. We eat cookies and various other tasty delicious food items. Of all these cuisines and cookies, cake is one of the inevitable food items. Without cutting cake our Christmas celebration will not complete .On this occasion we love to eat cakes, chocolates and also share this with our loved ones. But we have to be cautious what food we consume in the event of festival. The occasional candy or cookie can give us a quick burst of energy( or “sugar high”) by raising our blood sugar levels fast. But we have to aware of the pros and cons of these sugary food items. No matter what it’s called, sugar is sugar, and in excess, it can negatively affect our body in many ways. Many people like to wear costume of Santa as people love to see Santa and like to take picture with Santa Claus. Children believes that Santa will give gifts to them. Mostly children are waiting for their gifts. On this Christmas eve father resembles himself as Santa and give blessings to the people who comes to visit Church and also distribute gifts to them. In this outbreak of novel coronavirus we have to distribute sanitizer, mask as a gift to the needy person who can’t afford. We have to also take these initiatives to help orphanage children by giving them food and gifts whatever we can afford in our earning capacity to give them. By this way we can make smiles in these children’s faces.

Now we are going to celebrate Christmas 2020 and it is the beginning of the New Year Eve celebration. It comes to fill us with a tremendous amount of energy to tackle one more year ahead with a happy heart. Each one of us has that energy and enthusiasm within us, but we lose it somewhere when we are stuck an unpleasant in life.