Why follow Hindu traditions?

Over the time, a section of the Indian society has always ridiculed the Hindu traditions, deeming to consider the old traditions as meaningless. Though they sound like a little inconvenient approach to the everyday tasks we do in everyday life but they if we look at the underlying reason of these traditions, we will know that they contribute to our betterment.
As science evolved over the time, the more the reason behind these traditions came to light. Now, they are making sense.
Here are some of those traditions with their underlying meanings and importance.


This is a gesture particularly Indians are famous for making. This is the Indian way of ‘hand shaking’. In this gesture, the palms of our hands touch each other. Joining the palms ensures the tips of our fingers are together, linking the pressure points of the eyes, ears and brain. When these pressure points are pressed, these get activated. This boosts our memory and hence we remember the person for long time.
In the time of pandemic, this gesture has found a greater meaning. When we are trying to have a ‘contactless’ attitude towards everything, this is a sweet gesture we can make while greeting a person, hence avoiding the spread of germs.

Never sleeping with head turned towards North direction

In Hindu tradition, the direction is paid a great importance while sleeping.
Normally, people sleep as per their convenience and do not care about the direction. But in Hindu tradition, it is always advised not to sleep with head towards North. If we go through science books, our planet Earth behaves as a giant magnet and also our body. Our body behaves as a magnet may be because of the presence of iron in our blood. So, if we sleep with our head towards north, we will create magnetic field uneven to the one that Earth has. This can create problems like headache, brain degeneration, Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s disease.

Worshipping tulsi (basil) plant

Normally, in Indian households, one can find a basil plant in the porch or in the balcony which is kept and is being watered every day in the morning. What is the significance of this? In Hindu tradition, the basil plant is worshipped; while in science, it is considered to have scientific properties. By eating the leaves of basil plant every day, one can improve immunity. In addition to this, the fragrance of basil can keep the mosquitos and other insects away.

Applying tilak

A major point of nervous system is present between the eye brows. When tilak is applied at that point, it prevents the loss the energy and helps in concentrating. In addition to this, it also helps smooth blood supply to the facial muscles.

Having ear piercings

In India, it is a common thing to find girls with piercings. This has its own importance. Apart from being a part of fashion, the Indian physicians and philosophers believe that this useful in many ways. Ear piercing helps in speech-restraint and sharpening the mind by improving thinking prowess. It also helps in keeping the ears free from disorders. In certain section of society, boys also have piercings through rituals.

Touching feet

In India, touching feet is also a gesture of greeting, especially when there are elders or teachers. It is a sign of showing respect. Philosophically, it creates a positive vibe. If this gesture is seen through the glass of science, this has a lot of meaning.
Biologically, some nerves of our nervous system end at the finger tips and some others at the end of the toes. Thus, when the finger tips touch the toes of a person, the fingers become the receivers of the energy that is being emitted by the toes of the other person.
As per another theory, it is said that the human body is the bearer of both positive and negative currents, the positive being on the right part of the body and negative on the left. When the hands of one person touch the feet of another person, the circuit of positive and negative energy gets completed.

Wearing bangles

A majority of the Indian females wear bangles. These bangles are worn on the wrists. The human body being the carrier of energy and current emanates them for the outer surface of the skin. The bangles on the wrist cause friction increasing the circulation of blood. In addition to this, they prevent the emission of the current from wrists by reverting it back to the body. It is because their ring-shape, having no end point.


The above traditions are only few from the numerous traditions that are being followed by Hindus. Every one of them has a meaning attached to them. Though they might have a story from mythology to explain their origins, their scientific significances are not too far to reach.